Mumbling driver found to be high on drugs

Crime story
Crime story

A MAN has been hit with a three-year road ban after being caught at the wheel under the influence of drugs.

Glenn Ashton of Amis Grove, Lowton, pleaded guilty to driving while unfit and possessing cannabis at Wigan and Leigh Magistrates’ Court.

At around 8pm on February 2, Ashton was seen by police in a white BMW on Manchester Road, Ince, driving slowly and holding up traffic.

Prosecuting, Nicola Ormerod said police pulled him over, but when they tried to speak to him they couldn’t tell what he was saying as he was speaking so quickly.

His pupils were also noticeably dilated.

He was arrested and a small quantity of cannabis was found in his trouser pocket.

Tests showed Ashton had drugs in his system and he admitted to officers that he had the cannabis, which was less than a joint’s worth, for his own personal use.

Defending, Kenny Ip said the 44-year-old had been given the drug by a friend as he had been suffering from severe anxiety disorder and he admits he should have thrown it away.

As well as the three-year disqualification, Ashton was fined £110 and ordered to pay a £20 victim surcharge and £85 costs.