Murder accused: ‘I slept during attack’

A WOMAN accused of murdering a Haydock man told a policeman that she had been asleep when the fatal attack began.

Susan Lynch claimed that she awoke to the sound of fighting in the kitchen of her home and named two men she alleged were fighting with victim Graham Wootton.

PC Peter Wright, one of two police officers first at the scene in Netherton, told Liverpool Crown Court how he spoke to 39-year-old Lynch.

When they arrived on Saturday, November 14, 2009, following a 999 call, Lynch directed them to the kitchen and he saw a man lying on his back naked from the waist. His trousers were partly pulled down and his trousers were heavily blood-stained.

“I tried to feel for a pulse but there was none,” he told the jury. He and his colleague, PC Colin Jones, tried to resuscitate him until paramedics arrived and took over.

He said that Lynch was distressed and crying and he sat with her in the back of a police van. PC Wright said that Lynch, on whose breath he could smell alcohol, went on to say that “Budgie and Dave (Bennett) were the ones fighting with him”.

Lynch is in the dock accused of murdering Mr Wootton along with Samuel Dunne, 49, of Bedford Road, Bootle, which they both deny.

Also on trial are Wootton’s girlfriend, Lyndsey Hutchins, 23, of Muttocks Rake, Seaforth, and David Bennett, 36, of Condron Road North, Litherland. They both deny conspiring to commit assault causing actual bodily harm and plotting to pervert the course of justice. Dunne and Lynch also deny those charges.

PC Jones told the jury that when they arrived at the scene Mr Wootton was not conscious or breathing and he and his colleague tried to give him CPR.

The officer said Lynch ignored repeated requests to move away and he had to forcibly take her into the back garden. They stayed there for an hour until scene of crime officers arrived with stepping plates so they could go through the house to the front door.

She repeatedly tried to get back into the house and was banging on the windows and demanding cigarettes.

After they were able to leave the premises she became increasingly aggressive and abusive and had to handcuff her.

She refused to get into the police van and eventually her legs had to be restrained and she was lifted into the vehicle, said PC Jones.

The court has heard prosecution allegations that the defendants had planned to confront and attack Mr Wootton because they believed he was a paedophile.

Neil Flewitt, QC, has alleged that he was left lying in a pool of his own blood for about two hours while his alleged attackers attempted to cover up his murder.