Murder fears after paint attack

The front of the salon with the blood-red paint stains
The front of the salon with the blood-red paint stains
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A WIGAN hairdresser has suffered a disturbing vandal attack on his salon.

Flamboyant Kevin Boyd arrived at Billion Hair in Kenyon Road at the weekend to find a ghoulish blood red mixture of gloss paint, paint-stripper and creosote had been thrown over the windows, paving and adjoining tree trunks.

Some worried clients driving past the dark crimson spattering have been phoning the business fearing he or his staff had been murdered.

Now Kevin and his neighbouring businesses are to install a comprehensive CCTV system to protect the row of premises from further attacks.

It’s believed the attack happened in the early hours of Sunday morning.

An empty vodka bottle and a heap of smoked cigarette buts outside the salon suggest an element of premeditation.

Kevin has worked at some of Britain’s top salons before branching out on his own at Billion Hair almost 12 years ago and includes a number of celebrity clients including TV soccer pundit and former Premiership star Robbie Savage.

The former entertainer says he knows of “absolutely no disputes, disagreements or feuds” that could have led to the attack.

Because of the strange nature of the liquid, he has had to bring in specialist cleaning contractors to complete the task. And they have had to search for a even stronger solvent to complete the operation because the mixture proved so difficult to remove.

Because the terms of the business insurance doesn’t cover such a criminal attack, Kevin is having to foot the clean up bill himself which could now end up costing “over £1,000.”

Mr Boyd said: “I left the salon on Saturday and all was normal but when I came back on Sunday morning I couldn’t believe the mess.

“In fact the stuff is so bad that three days later and the cleaners are still having a go at it because the chemicals they would usually use for such a job just weren’t strong enough.

“It’s a mystery substance and as far as we can now tell this is a mixture of paint, the stuff you clean your brushes with and creosote for fences and it was all over the front of the business and all over the flags.

“Some has even ended up on the trees set into the pavement, so they must have had a real go at making as much mess as possible.

“Because of the colour of it, we have been taking calls from clients worried that somebody had been murdered on the door step and staff have been re-assuring callers that I am still very much in the land of the living!

“My business neighbours have rallied around and I have had loads of offers of help with the clean-up, which was fantastic. I supposed we are also feeling a bit embarrassed as well as miffed because we work hard to keep this area looking nice.”

Police are investigating.