Murder victim’s dad wants more rights for crime victims

Carly Fairhurst
Carly Fairhurst

THE father of a teenager who was murdered by her boyfriend after he was released from prison is actively campaigning for more rights for victims of crime.

Trevor Fairhurst and his wife Sheila launched their crusade after their 19-year-old daughter Carly was killed in 2006 after partner Darren Pilkington knocked her down a flight of stairs.

Pilkington had a history of violence and had served an earlier prison sentence for manslaughter.

Mr Fairhurst has now given his support to Sean Aaron, who was dismayed to discover that the man responsible for his 17-year-old son Dylan’s death will be released from jail in December - after serving three-and-a-half years.

Dylan was drowned in Hindley’s Deep Pit in 2010 and Drew McGrail, 29, of Lancaster Road, Hindley, who was convicted of manslaughter, was sentenced to serve seven years in prison.

Mr Fairhurst said: “McGrail has destroyed their lives and all we can offer is support.

“It is a similar scenario to my daughter’s death. Pilkington was released early and went on to kill Carly. When do these people learn?

“Every year we give a victim impact statement for the parole board to consider whether to release him.

“We have tried to withhold this from Pilkington, but we were denied this by the Ministry of Justice.

“I feel victims have no rights. We are trying to push Carly’s Law to ensure victims have more say, but the wheels of justice are turning very slowly.

“We spoke at a Home Office conference in London which is linked with Co-ordinated Action Against Domestic Abuse (CAADA) and we have filmed a documentary where we have highlighted our concerns.

“We have been invited to speak at seminars and universities across the country and Northern Ireland.

“So people are starting to notice us.

“We have raised more than £50,000 for Victim Support, which goes towards counselling. If we didn’t do this, there would be nothing for the people of Wigan.”