My Big Fat Gypsy Book

Author Alexander Thompson with grandaughters Dolly and Dolly and his latest book Gypsy and Travellers Tales
Author Alexander Thompson with grandaughters Dolly and Dolly and his latest book Gypsy and Travellers Tales
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A WIGAN traveller whose family has appeared on My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding has written a book about his life.

Alexander Thompson has penned a book with various stories from his times on the road with many coming from Wigan.

Alexander, who has spent most of his life in this area, goes into detail about the things he has come across in his time, including his family’s appearance on Channel Four documentary My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding.

He said: “The book has a collection of different short stories all about my life and the people I have met. Each story follows on from the last one so it has a continuous theme but there is many a laugh to be had.

“There are some sad stories too so it does have a mixture of everything and lots of places, from the bone yard just off Wigan Pier and tarmacing all over the world.

“A big character in the book is Joe Grundy, known famously as Wigan Joe who loved his hunting ground, the East Lancs.

“One of the stories tells how he used the wrong materials when he asphalted a lady’s front room in the early 1970s.”

One story closer to home tells how Alexander and his friends missed out on making a fortune.

When the group were collecting scrap metal, they came across an old rusty car and stripped it down and sold it on for a few hundred pounds.

After a hard day’s work, they retired to the pub for a few pints when the landlord spotted the logbook of the car and was flabbergasted.

Alexander said: “He told us it was a 1927 convertible and one had just gone for £4m in auction the week before!

“He went white and we just couldn’t believe it.

“There are plenty of stories like that though, it’s a really entertaining read and has lots of tales from Wigan.”

Alexander’s granddaughter, Dolly, appeared as a bridesmaid on My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding.

The youngster, whose parents had a party at The Orwell at Wigan Pier the night before they married 12 years ago, was bridesmaid to her auntie.

Because of the popularity of information on travelling, Alexander has been asked to do two separate book signings at the Trafford Centre this week on Wednesday and Thursday from noon.