Mysterious UFOs stun teen

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A WIGAN teenager was left stunned after photographing three bizarre UFOs above his home.

The youth, 19, who doesn’t wish to be identified, captured the objects on his iphone as they hovered in the skies above his house in Swinley on Sunday evening.

He said: “I was just getting into my car and looked up to see these three black objects in the sky pretty much above me. I managed to rattle of a picture or two but when I nipped back inside to tell my mum to come and have a look they had gone.

“I’d say they were about as big as a house but perfectly round and there was three of them spaced evenly apart. I’m not sure but I also thought I heard a bit of a humming noise.”

There have been a spate of UFO sightings in Wigan in the recent months and while most sightings can be explained away as chinese lanterns, kites or other legitimate flying objects, some, like these, are harder to explain.

“They weren’t moving, floating or doing anything - they were perfectly still, it was eerie but I felt totally at ease looking up at them,” said the dumbfounded teenager.

“Everybody knows someone who has ‘seen a UFO’ and I’d be the first person to take the micky out of them but now I’m not so sure they were lying.

“Seeing something with your own eyes puts things into a different perspective.

“I wouldn’t say I’m ‘converted’ and suddenly believe in ET - but these objects have opened my eyes to the possibility that there are other crafts than the ones we know about flying about up there.”

Humans or aliens? You decide.

Did you see these objects at around 6pm on Sunday in the Swinley area? Add your comments below ...