Mystery of rescued Haigh Hall hound

Staffordshire Bull Terrier rescued by Claire Swift of Beech Hill
Staffordshire Bull Terrier rescued by Claire Swift of Beech Hill
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A KIND-HEARTED animal lover is trying to trace the owner of a good-natured dog found wandering in woodland near Haigh Hall.

Claire Swift, from Beech Hill, rescued the thin Staffordshire bull terrier while walking her other two dogs in the plantations around the gatehouse at the end of Hall Lane.

She spoke to several other dog walkers in the area and they confirmed the Staffordshire, which is believed to be about 10 years old, had been previously seen following people around the woods.

Claire took the dog to Pagefield Rescue Centre for check-up and has now settled into life at her home in Yates Grove.

The animal, which Claire has now named Toby, is so friendly and such a model pet that Claire has become convinced he has previously had a loving home.

And although she would be happy to keep him is curious to see if anyone comes forward to claim him or can shed light on the mystery of where he has come from.

She says she has also detected occasional behaviour which suggests Toby is also missing someone he knows.

Claire, who also owns a poodle and a Yorkshire terrier, said: “He is the nicest-natured dog I’ve ever come across.

“One of my other dogs keeps going for him a bit, but he just turns away, and he doesn’t try and climb on the couch or scratch at things.

“I took him out for a walk yesterday and he was carrying a stick he had found, and I’ve been able to let him off the lead and he just walked along and kept looking back to see where I was.

“It’s obvious he’s been looked-after and loved, he’s not come from a bad home, but he isn’t neutered and isn’t microchipped.

“I’m just wondering what’s happened to him.

“Every now and then he just sits and cries and doesn’t want to go outside.

“It’s as though he’s looking for somebody.

“I’m quite happy to keep him because I don’t want him to get stressed.

“As he’s an older dog they might put him to sleep if no-one claimed him, and I don’t want that to happen.”

Anyone with information about Toby should contact the newsroom on 01942 506261.