Mystery over car abandoned in Wigan

Abandoned car on Meadow Pit Lane, Haigh
Abandoned car on Meadow Pit Lane, Haigh

A car is left marooned on an embankment after a mystery incident.

Motorists came across the abandoned silver Renault Clio on Sunday on Meadow Pit Lane, Haigh, with yellow tape wrapped around it. Nose-downwards into a ditch, it was clear that the vehicle was going to be going nowhere without mechanical assistance.

But how it got there in the first place remains an enigma. The Wigan Post contacted the police for further details but they said they were unaware of any road accidents or reports of abandoned vehicles, stolen or otherwise, on Meadow Pit Lane in recent days. One onlooker said: “The car was well and truly stuck. How it got there, goodness knows.”