Mystery still surrounds unidentified body

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MYSTERY still surrounds the death of a man whose body was found in Wigan more than a year ago.

But police believe they are at least getting closer to identifying him.

He was discovered hanged on waste ground off Westwood Park Drive, Wigan, on January 15 last year.

An inquest was due to resume into his demise this week at Bolton Coroner’s Court.

But proceedings were adjourned again yesterday after it was announced that investigators are still trying to confirm through Interpol that DNA samples are those of the man in question.

It is believed that there is a possible match to a foreign national who was listed on the missing persons database and was known to be in this country.

The court heard that the process of identification can take an unspecified period of time.

Coroner Alan Walsh said: “The sooner this gentleman is identified, the better for all concerned.”

Police confirmed soon after the discovery that there was nothing to suggest foul play.

But no-one remotely answering his description was reported as missing and there was nothing on him to reveal his identity either.

Weeks went by and police eventually resorted to the unusual step of having a computer-generated image taken from the body for publication, but again nobody came forward with any information.

The man had been wearing blue tracksuit bottoms, a blue gilet, a blue McKenzie hooded top with grey cuffs, a light blue Fred Perry T-shirt and blue Adidas trainers. He was white with an olive-skinned complexion, short brown hair and about 5ft 8ins. One theory was that he was not a British national and may have been of eastern European origin.

One item found his pocket by police was a bus ticket from Leigh to Wigan dated January 14, 6.38am.

At the time police said that extensive inquiries had been made nationwide and a spokesman said it was inconceivable that no-one would have missed the man after so long a period of time.