Mystery surrounds tragic death of young Wigan man, 22

Darren Rutter
Darren Rutter

Mystery still surrounds the tragic and shockingly sudden death of a young Wigan man found hanged following an inquest.

Bolton Coroner’s Court heard Darren Rutter was just 22 when his body was found at his Worsley Hall address on July 8 this year.

A post-mortem report revealed there were traces of alcohol and also of cocaine and another drug in his system.

This meant that although area coroner Alan Walsh was satisfied that Darren did the act that ended his life he could not be sure of his intentions or that his judgement was not affected by the come-down effects of the drug.

Mr Walsh therefore concluded the inquest with a statement, which said: “Darren Rutter died as a consequence of self-suspension by ligament but his intentions remain unclear.”

The inquest heard Darren, of Cypress Road, was a recreational drug user, although he kept much of this a secret from his family, and had also used steroids as he was a bodybuilding enthusiast.

His grieving mother Anita Rutter told the inquest that about a week before his death he had become very irritable, snappy and short-tempered.
On the evening of the day before his death he went out with a friend and was spotted by his mum in the car counting money on his knee.

The previous day he had kept going in and out of the house but denied how often he had done this when asked.

She said: “The last week was although he was on edge and had something on his mind. There was no talking to Darren though, he would just storm off.”

The inquest was told that on the day of his death he was supposed to be going out for a family meal but at around 2.10pm he sent a text message to his aunt saying he felt rough and would not be attending.

Mrs Rutter said he did not return on July 7 after heading out with his friend and was not back when she left for work on the morning of July 8.

However, when she returned home after her shift she discovered him.

The inquest heard that he had also been texting his ex-partner Danielle O’Neil in the last days of his life and the pair admitted in the messages they missed each other.

The court was told Darren’s tragic death came as a devastating shock to his relatives, who could find no reason at all for his actions.

Mr Walsh said: “I find nothing in the evidence that should have played on his mind or caused him to end his life.

“It is beyond belief that Mrs Rutter’s son should have died in these circumstances. I know the family will say: ‘If only he had talked. If only he had asked for help’.”

In a statement given out after the inquest Darren’s mother Anita movingly paid tribute to him but also gave a frank warning about the dangers of using illicit substances.

She said: “Darren was a wonderful son who enjoyed life to the full, always smiling and happy.

“He was loved so much by all of his family and had many friends and loved by them all. Darren was very caring, sensitive and thoughtful and loved his family deeply and doted on his little cousins.

“Darren was my only child and his death has devastated me beyond belief, but in his short 22 years he has left us all with so many happy memories that will live in our hearts forever.

“I want to warn others about the dangers of taking cocaine and diazepam and mixing with the wrong people, which was out of character for Darren.”