Mystery surrounds young woman’s suicide

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A POPULAR and much-loved young woman was found hanged in circumstances which remain mysterious following an inquest.

Bolton Coroner’s Court heard Kristina Taylor, known to family and friends as Krissy, was found in the garage of her home in Hindley by her father Trevor.

Forensic examination showed Krissy, 24, had quantities of concaine, two related drugs and a legal high known as 4-MEC in her system, but toxicologist Julie Evans could not say whether this had contributed to her death.

Coroner Jennifer Leeming recorded an open verdict as there was insufficient evidence to establish beyond all reasonable doubt how and why Krissy had died.

Her dad Trevor and friends who gave evidence to the inquest told how Krissy was a bubbly, lively person who never gave any cause for concern.

Trevor said he knew something was wrong when he could not get into the house he shared with Krissy on the day of her death but climbed a fence to find the back door wide open.

He found a note and then went out to the garage where he found his daughter. Friends who saw Krissy the night before she died told the court she seemed happy and there was no indication anything was wrong.

Toxicologist Julie Evans said it was possible the cocktail of drugs in Krissy’s system could cause users to take unusually risky courses of action, and that cases had been recorded of users experiencing suicidal thoughts once the effects of cocaine or mephedrone-related drugs had worn off.

However, she said it was impossible to know what symptoms Krissy had experienced or establish when she had taken the drugs.

An investigation by Greater Manchester Police ruled out any third party involvement or suspicious circumstances, a finding supported by the post-mortem.

Coroner Jennifer Leeming said it was impossible to know Krissy’s state of mind before her death or what motivated her final actions, and warned of the hazards of using illegal substances. She said: “There must be a doubt as to whether Krissy fully understood the consequence of what she was doing, but I do record that it was her own act.

“It has been clear to me that Krissy was much loved by her friends, relations and parents.

“People have to understand how dangerous drugs are.

“People using them are playing with their lives, not because they are not quality assured but because of the risks involved. My message to young people is to be careful, and take care.”