‘Nazi’ jibe complaint

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AN OFFICIAL complaint has been lodged against the Wigan councillor who compared government policies to those of the Nazis.

The accusation, voiced by Labour’s Lawrence Hunt, occurred during an exchange with Tory councillor James Grundy at last month’s full council meeting.

Deputy leader of grass roots political movement the Community Action Party (CAP), Michael Moulding, believes the comments breached the council’s code.

In a letter addressed to chief monitoring officer John Mitchell, Mr Moulding, said: “I attended the meeting as a member of the public.

“At item 10 of the agenda, there was a debate about welfare reform and its impact on disabled people.

“During the debate I heard Coun Hunt comparing (Work and Pensions Secretary) Iain Duncan Smith to a Nazi.”

The reference made Coun Grundy rise to his feet and demand an apology which was not given.

The Tory representative for Lowton East admitted he was surprised that the complaint had been lodged.

He said: “Politically, myself and CAP have not been friends but to see the other side of the political spectrum also finds the comments wholly inappropriate is encouraging.”