Neighbour from hell thrown out

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A TENANT from hell has been evicted from his Wigan council home for persistently making his neighbours’ lives a misery.

Nathan Turner, 19, of Silverdale Avenue, Ince, plagued other residents by playing loud music, singing, shouting, swearing and making loud banging noises.

He also allowed visitors to his house who themselves misbehaved and upset neighbours and which resulted in the police being called.

A Possession Order has now been granted by Wigan and Leigh County Court on Mr Turner’s tenancy.

Neil Turner is the Chairman of Board at Wigan and Leigh Housing, the company which manages over 22,000 properties on behalf of Wigan Council. He said: “We made it crystal clear to Mr Turner when he moved into the property eight months ago that the tenancy agreement prohibited noise and other anti-social behaviour.

“He failed to behave himself so he has now been evicted.

“We will not tolerate any tenant causing anti social behaviour and if that means they lose their home, they only have themselves to blame.

“As chair of Wigan and Leigh Housing I have consistently made it clear that we will be tough on anti-social behaviour.

“This former tenant now finds himself evicted and on a list of some 360 people now excluded from our waiting list, so he can forget about coming to us again for accommodation.

“My message to our tenants is simple: ‘Behave or else.’

“I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Greater Manchester Police for assisting us in dealing with the case.

“And a thank you to Coun Fred Walker and the Wigan Council for introducing a new Allocations Policy which is tough on people with a record of causing anti-social behaviour.

“We have a really close working relationship with the Police and other agencies to make sure this type of behaviour is firmly dealt with.”