New battle for brave Braiden

A young boy who is fighting his second cancer battle has been hit with another blow as doctors have discovered at least two new tumours.

Tuesday, 31st May 2016, 9:53 am
Updated Tuesday, 31st May 2016, 10:58 am
Braiden Prescott

Braiden Prescott’s family were disturbed when a growth on his chest and another on his eyes appeared earlier this month and he was sent to Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital for further scans.

The tumours have since shrunk and the six-year-old will undergo radiotherapy followed by MIGB therapy at The Christie. The Ince schoolboy was also admitted to hospital with severe sickness and high temperatures but doctors put it down to an infection.

Dad Wayne, 37, said: “A tumour appeared on his chest a week ago and he has one or two on his eyes. It is quite frightening as they just appeared. We don’t know too much but doctors did clarify they were tumours. He will be going to The Christie for radiotherapy on his chest and eyes to try to manage the pain. Then in a couple of weeks’ time he will have MIGB therapy.

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“It’s hard to say whether doctors can get rid of them completely, but they can get them down to being manageable. Braiden is not able to walk at the moment and in a wheelchair. He is in pain and his medication is making him unwell. We are keeping him off school at the moment so we can look after him.

“He does not know entirely what is happening to him - he just knows he has infections. We have to stay positive but wonder when will it ever go away. We are constantly getting our hopes up only to be knocked down again. His brothers, Kody, two, and Tyler, five, know he is poorly and play with him, keeping things as normal as possible.”

Braiden was diagnosed with neuroblastoma in 2012 and following a mammoth fund-raising drive, was flown out to the US for proton beam treatment. Sadly it failed but after aggressive chemo he was given the all-clear in September 2013. But the cancer came back in December.

To help fund-raise for possible new treatments, visit and visit Braiden LEE Prescott on Facebook.