New blind spot mirrors will help road users

A blind spot mirror like the ones planned for Wigan
A blind spot mirror like the ones planned for Wigan

CYCLISTS in Wigan are set to benefit from a major safety scheme designed to make them more visible to drivers.

Trixi safety mirrors are being fitted at busy junctions across the borough which will reduce the chances of bikes being caught in vehicle blind-spots.

More than 20 locations have been identified as eligible for the new kit by Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM) with help from Wigan Council.

TfGM committee’s cycling champion, Coun Chris Paul, said: “Any road accident is one too many and any measures we can take to improve cycling safety should be welcome.

“We are also investing in traffic free cycle routes, reduced speed zones and developing other measures at junctions to help cyclists.

“We hope that the combination of all these initiatives will not only improve road safety, but encourage more people to consider commuting by bike.”

Between January and October last year, there were 472 reported road accidents in the region involving a bike and another vehicle.

The mirrors are designed to reduce the likelihood that cyclists will be caught in the blind spot of larger vehicles.

They will also allow riders to have a greater view of the junction.

In addition to the mirrors, TfGM are planning to introduce advance stop lines.

These allow cyclists to position themselves ahead of and in full view of other traffic and away from exhaust fumes.

The £650,000 scheme has been allocated from the Department of Transport’s Cycle Safety fund, which is administered by charity Sustrans.

The regional director for the charity, Eleanor Roaf, said: “Fear of traffic danger is the number one reason preventing people from travelling by bike so it’s fantastic to see such a comprehensive improvement to safety on Manchester’s roads.

“By increasing the visibility of cyclists while also giving them priority at junctions the chance of an incident occurring between a cyclist and motorist is significantly reduced.

“The safer we make our roads, the more people are encouraged to travel by bike and that makes for healthier, cleaner and more prosperous Greater Manchester.”

Coun Paul added: “Trixi mirrors and advance stop lines are just a few among many safety initiatives being introduced across Wigan borough, but they will only help if everyone shares our roads in a respectful, caring way.”