New customer fury over store closure

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News story

MORE angry customers have come forward claiming they have lost thousands of pounds when a Wigan furniture store closed without notice.

An appalled David Crook of Scholes says he has been left £800 out of pocket, having paid up front for but never received two beds from Luxe Furniture on Woodhouse Lane, Beech Hill, just weeks before owners shut shop and couldn’t be contacted.

Luxe Furniture

Luxe Furniture

The 60-year-old is now playing the waiting game to see if his bank can retrieve his money.

He said: “I went to the shop and paid for both purchases in full and was told it would take a couple of weeks for delivery, which was fine.

“But three weeks had passed an no word.

“So I went down to the store only to find it locked up and completely empty.

“To say that I’m angry is a big understatement, the owners definitely must have known they were at least in danger of shutting, and to take all of that money off customers, if they were armed with that knowledge, is disgusting.

“I have heard that the company has gone out of business.

“The owners must owe a lot of money to a lot of people.

“I’ve spoken to a number of residents who are in a similar situation to me and have lost hundreds fo pounds and we’re all just waiting for answers.

“I really hope the bank will be able to reclaim the transaction.

“I saved up for those beds and it’s so unfair these people think they can just make off with it.”

Another local resident, who has recently moved into a new home with her partner, paid almost in full for a bed, expecting to pick it up in March.

The woman, who does not wish to be identified, said that when it didn’t arrive and she couldn’t contact bosses by phone she went to the premises and was horrified to find it closed and empty.

Luxe Furniture was opened above the Morrisons store in Beech Hill in April 2013 by husband and wife Lee and Donna Wrigley.

Despite numerous attempts, the Wigan Evening Post has been unable to contact the owners nor ascertain whether administrators or receivers have been brought in and, if so, who.

Neither is there any note pinned to the door giving customers an explanation about what has happened to the company nor offering a contact number.

The landlord of the store Northern Diver, which has nothing to do with the running of Luxe, declined to comment.