New industrial units could attract new businesses to Wigan

Industrial expansion set for brownfield site
Industrial expansion set for brownfield site

Proposals to extend an industrial plot on brownfield land on the outskirts of Wigan town centre will soon be considered by the town hall.

The application, submitted by Aspull-based steel manufacturers CS Fabrications, outlines plans to build 11 small units and a “large fabrication unit” on land south of Colmart House on Stephens Way.

CS Fabrications, which is currently based on Kirkless Industrial Estate, plans to “harmonise” the new buildings with Warrington Road Industrial Estate.

Documents submitted on behalf of the steel company read: “The building will contribute to the reuse of previously brownfield land.

“The units provide opportunities for new small business opportunities, with the larger unit safeguarding a business which is having to relocate as its existing premises are being redeveloped.

“Each unit will have its own facilities to cater for its needs. There is access to walks and local services within reasonable walking distance.

“Local bus routes are within easy walking distance. There is local catering services and a supermarket.”

The plot, on the edge of Alexandra Park, is part of the already-established Warrington Road Industrial Estate which is surrounded by steel fences.

A design statement details plans to make the new buildings sustainable, erected with modern steel so that they can be “easily adopted” for differents types of business.

Regarding traffic in the area, the application details movements of “transit and small vans” to and from the sight as opposed to articulated lorries.

The planning agent, CS-PES Planning Consultant, has requested that the buildings can be approved with B1, B2 and B8 uses which incorporate office use, “general industrial” which excludes use for incineration, chemical treatment or businesses which involve hazardous materials, and finally storage or distribution.

According to the planning statement there will be “little or no impact” on the amenity of the area.

The report adds: “There will be little, if any, measurable impact on the environment.

“The proposal is the redevelopment of previously developed land in the heart of a Industrial Area.

“Parking is catered for. Uses of the units are unlikely to demonstrably harm the existing business within the industrial estate.”