‘New law will save lives’

Sheila and Trevor Fairhurst
Sheila and Trevor Fairhurst
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THE parents of a teenager who was killed by her boyfriend are relieved that a new law has been passed to enable people to check their partner’s police record.

Trevor and Sheila Fairhurst welcome Clare’s Law, which will be rolled out across the country in March, following a pilot scheme in Greater Manchester, Wiltshire, Nottinghamshire and Gwent.

The policy is named after Clare Wood, who was murdered by her ex-boyfriend George Appleton at her Salford home in February 2009. She was unaware of his history of violence against women.

Trevor and Sheila’s 19-year-old daughter, Carly, was found fatally wounded at the bottom of a flight of stairs at the house in Ince she and her partner Darren Pilkington were looking after in January 2006. She died several days later and Pilkington was charged with her murder.

At court, the prosecution accepted his guilty plea to manslaughter and he was given an indeterminate sentence for public protection, the judge saying that he spend a minimum of three years and 53 days behind bars.

Pilkington had previously been given a four-year sentence for the manslaughter of Mr Akister who was battered to death in Hindley town centre by Pilkington and his brother, Andrew.

Trevor said: “We one hundred per cent support it going national, but I think it has taken too long to get to this stage, as there have been too many women who have died whilst this was going through.

“We think it is imperative that people know their partner’s past as it gives them a forewarning of what they are getting into.”

Sheila added: “Clare’s Law would not have changed things with Carly as she knew his background, but anything that could stop this happening to someone else is a good thing.

“Last year, 88 women died from domestic abuse and so that is quite a few people who could have been saved.”

Since Carly’s death, the couple have been raising awareness and have done a lot of work for Victim Support.

A quiz night will be held at Swinley Labour Club, Coppull Lane, on December 5, from 7.30pm. Entry on the door is £5 and all proceeds go towards the Carly Fund, part of the Fairhursts’ crusade with Victim Support,

Tickets are also available from Victim Support, or by calling Trevor on 07749325603.