New research to help people with dementia

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PIONEERING projects to ensure people with dementia are part of the Wigan community will receive a boost from world leaders.

The G8 summit will meet in London to discuss a co-ordinated international effort to fund medical research into slowing down and potentially curing the devastating condition.

The global commitment to medical research promises to be good news for Wiganers suffering from the illness, as the creation of new drug treatments should mean more people will be able to join community groups and activities.

Wigan Council is already working with partners to create dementia-friendly communities ensuring sufferers and their carers are not isolated, with a project in Scholes following a pilot in Hindley.

Roger Marsh, Alzheimer’s UK service manager for Wigan, said: “There’s still no medication available for many types of dementia, but most carers report the condition stabilising for a period of time when it can be given.

“Dementia-friendly communities are about maintaining people’s abilities and skills for as long as possible. It’s also about raising awareness with businesses so staff treat people with dementia appropriately.”

Coun Keith Cunliffe at Wigan Council said: “Dementia is fast becoming the biggest health and social care challenge of this generation, so it is good news that the social aspects are being discussed at the summit.”