New signs aim to cut motorists’ frustration

A new Traffic Matrix Information Sign, Warrington Road, Marus Bridge
A new Traffic Matrix Information Sign, Warrington Road, Marus Bridge
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NEW traffic information points have been installed at locations around the borough at a cost of hundreds of thousands of pounds.

Real-time information points displaying road safety messages and warnings have been placed at six points around Wigan.

The signs,which are regularly used on motorways and town centres indicating where there are free parking spaces, cost £160,000 with money from the Highways Capital Programme.

The six locations where the signs have been installed are:

A49 Warrington Road, Marus Bridge

A577 Orrell Road, Orrell

A5209 Crow Orchard Road, Standish

A58 Castle Hill Road, Hindley

A579, Atherleigh Way, Leigh

A577 Mosley Common Road, Astley.

Only the Standish and Leigh signs are currently switched on.

Mark Tilley, head of highways said: “Wigan is providing real-time information for drivers to assist and inform them as they visit the borough.

“There will be six signs at locations where drivers can make a decision as to their choice of route ahead.

“As well as helping to manage the road network by providing advance warning of emergencies and incidents, these signs can display road safety messages, warn of upcoming events and suggest alternative routes.

“The first two signs are working and the Marus Bridge location will be online in a few weeks.

“This is an important service which many road users now expect - it follows the introduction of car park variable messages displaying the number of spaces on the multi-storey car parks.

“Both systems soon will be linked to a database that residents can check details online before they set off.

“The cost is £160,000 and has been funded through the Highways Capital Programme.”

Community Action Party leader Councillor Paul Tushingham added: “If money spent on these signs was earmarked for them in particular and they are not going to cost the tax-payer anything, so be it. But sometimes I do think what is the point in them, if you’re stuck in traffic, what can you do about it?”