New steps to avert tragedy

Councillor Ann Rampling and Councillor Nathan Murray, right, at Bryn Station
Councillor Ann Rampling and Councillor Nathan Murray, right, at Bryn Station

COUNCILLORS and transport bosses have teamed up to put an end to the dangerous antics of yobs climbing on stanchions at a railway station.

Measures including deterrent spikes and new railings have been introduced at Bryn railway station following complaints about anti-social behaviour.

Passengers waiting for trains reported people climbing up the metal structures which hold up the overhead wires: a lethal pastime now the line has been electrified.

Reports from frequent travellers suggested the problem, which has been occurring on and off for around 12 months, was particularly bad on Friday nights and at weekends.

Northern Rail has now installed the new safety devices after a campaign for action from Bryn ward councillors Ann Rampling and Nathan Murray who raised the concerns of residents.

The elected representatives and the train company both hope the new measures will put an end to anti-social behaviour around the platforms.

Coun Rampling said: “The line had stanchions installed a while ago in preparation for the recent electrification.

“Some of these stanchions were situated near an embankment and close to the bridge.

“The design of these stanchions made them very easy to climb and this was extremely concerning given the dangers associated with train tracks and live wires.”

Coun Murray said the design of the stanchions had made them appear “like ready-made ladders” and said he was relieved to see the spikes are now in place.

He said: “Bryn train station has always been a priority for Coun Rampling and me and we have called for more investment.

“We’re very grateful to Northern Rail for installing these safety deterrents, this makes the station a lot safer and will hopefully discourage any future anti-social behaviour.”