New Year’s Eve stab attackers jailed

Cain Luke and (below) Kyron Baker
Cain Luke and (below) Kyron Baker
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TWO Wigan teenagers involved in the stabbing of an innocent householder have both been put behind bars for 11 years.

A court heard that Kyron Baker urged his companion, Cain Luke, to “shank” their victim.

Kyron Baker

Kyron Baker

A judge told them that he was not distinguishing between them and sentenced them both to 11 years’ detention with an extended licence for a further four years.

They had both only been recently released from custody when their drunken violent attack occurred on New Year’s Eve last year.

After getting drunk at a party they stole a knife from the kitchen went out along City Road in Pemberton, Wigan banging on windows and doors looking for a confrontation.

After Luke smashed one front window they eventually banged on the front door of John Broxton, who had been enjoying the seasonal festivities with family and friends. He opened the door and was confronted by the defendants.

He was punched in the face and then stabbed in the back and his attackers fled. He was rushed to hospital where he underwent surgery for the knife wound which had penetrated his lung.

Liverpool Crown Court heard that he needed three litres of blood and his family believed he had died on the operating table.

Luke, 19, of no fixed address, pleaded guilty to wounding with intent and Baker, of Canberra Road, Marsh Green, Wigan, was convicted after a trial. Luke also admitted criminal damage and Baker admitted affray.