Nightclubber left scarred for life in bottle attack

Exterior of Bamboogy retro bar and club, King Street
Exterior of Bamboogy retro bar and club, King Street

A Wigan club-goer was struck in the face with a bottle while on a packed dance floor, a court heard.

Victim Daniel Platt was left with blood pouring down his face and he later needed 13 stitches to the wound.

His alleged attacker, Royal Navy Engineer James Clarke, 26, is on trial at Liverpool Crown Court denying wounding with intent and grievous bodily harm.

Prosecuting, Ken Grant told a jury the incident happened in Bamboogy club in Wigan’s King Street in the early hours of last October 17. “The prosecution say that the defendant was not acting in reasonable self-defence of himself or another when he assaulted Mr Platt. This was a drink-fuelled, unprovoked, unjustifiable unlawful attack upon a young man who posed no threat to him at all,” he said.

Mr Platt, a 6ft tall HGV driver, said he ended up in the club after an evening out with his friend James Harmer and two young women, former school friends. He said he saw Clarke, who is 6ft 2ins, and a smaller man approach Lauren McLoughlin and Jamie Lea Morris and that Lauren was uncomfortable with the latter who appeared to want to hug her.

“I put my arm out and told her to come over and dance with me which she did. That is when things started. After she came over James (Clarke) did not look pleased.”

Mr Platt said he had never met either man before and Clarke looked very angry. He explained he thought the other man had wanted to kiss or hug her. “She did not want that so I stepped in and rescued her. All I can remember is he started to come a bit closer and was staring at me in an angry way. I said, ‘Why are you kicking off over this?’ I can’t remember if he said anything. All I remember is getting a smack across the face with a bottle and blood pouring out everywhere.

“I held my face with my right hand and tried to get towards the door and he jumped on my back and carried on attacking me. He was hitting me to the back of my head.”

Clarke was thrown out by bouncers and Mr Platt taken to hospital. When they realised the seriousness of his injury they went in search of the assailant.

However, it was through Facebook that he was arrested at his Chorley home after a witnessed recognised his friend. Clarke, now of Frobisher Close, Gosport, Hampshire, made no comment but the victim and witnesses picked him out on an identity parade.

The court heard stitches were inserted in a deep wound to the right side of Mr Platt’s face about 12cm long from his right eye through the cheek to his mouth and he has been left scarred.