Nikita and Union J raise thousands

Nikita Vint
Nikita Vint

A DARING Wigan woman joined pop stars to raise tens of thousands for charity.

Nikita Vint, alongside 23 strangers including members from boyband Union J, completed the intense 60km hike along the Great Wall of China in aid of breast cancer charity, Coppafeel.

After meeting Union J at a previous job at a training weekend, she became determined to support the charity, train hard and conquer the wall.

Now they have collectively raised almost £70,000 for CoppaFeel.

The 29-year-old, who hails from Leigh, and her fellow trekkers spent five days on the wall last month, following the undulating skyline and climbing some of the steepest steps to have ever been created.

She said: “We all became so supportive of one another, each of us facing various personal challenges. Some found they had fears they never knew existed.

“We laughed, we cried and shared the most inspirational stories. We even shared water, food, tissues, clothes and walking poles when things got tough.

“It was hard, when you think you’re almost at the top, there’s always more steps. But it was so fulfilling. The views where incredible.

“Everyday I took a moment to breathe, a moment of realisation of where I actually was and what I was doing. So often we take advantage of life and its surroundings. I knew I was never going to live these moments again and I just wanted to remember every moment, every feeling, every sight. Even the aches and pains.

“I’m so lucky to have met those people and shared that experience with them. And to have do it all in aid of Coppafeel makes me feel proud.

“The Union J boys are so lovely. They were so enthusiastic and spent most of their time bouncing over the wall and having us in stitches with their humour.”

Although never being directly effected with Breast Cancer, Nikita had relatives and friends that had battled the disease. Some fortunate, some not so fortunate. She understood Coppafeel’s message and believed of its importance to ensure everybody is checking their breasts regularly and educating people of signs and symptoms.

To donate, visit Nikita’s Support Page: