No cheat challenge for Anne

Set for a 12 week challenge RM Fitness members Joey Allard right and Kieran Bate.
Set for a 12 week challenge RM Fitness members Joey Allard right and Kieran Bate.

TWO WIGAN fitness fanatics are undertaking an extreme dieting regime in memory of a much loved mum.

Kieran Bate and Joey Allard are completing a 12-week challenge to raise £500 for the Anne Elizabeth Dawson’s Hope Tribute Fund at The Christie.

The former Winstanley College students are determined to support the fund which was set up in 2009 when the former college lecturer died after a lengthy battle with cancer.

Joey, 23, said: “The cause is very personal to myself, friends and family as Anne was the mum of one of my closest friends, Steven.

“Collectively at present we have raised over £18,000 through various events including summer/winter functions and bike rides.

“So this challenge is the latest of our ongoing events to raise as much as possible for a charity that means so much to us.

“After I signed up to the challenge, I thought of ways to keep myself motivated throughout the process, and as I thought there was no better way to do that than to dedicate it to Anne’s memory.

“I decided this would be a great opportunity to take part in something which involves sacrificing a lot of my own personal time, and challenging myself daily both mentally and physically.”

The 12-week challenge’ is a strict diet and nutrition programme which also involves taking part in a minimum of three strenuous hour long training sessions at Wigan’s RM Fitness Gym.

The sessions push the body to the limit and vary every time to make it even more challenging.

The diet and nutrition plan is a strict high protein/low carbohydrates diet, which has resulted in a drastic change to their previous eating routines.

They have cut out all high sugar drinks and snacks and reduced meal sizes greatly to comply with the challenge criteria.

Joey said: “Being honest, the hardest part of the challenge has been giving up alcohol, however the whole programme has required a lot of determination and willpower.

“We are approaching the fifth week of the challenge and although we have been tempted to stray from the requirements of the challenge, we have both stuck to it 100 per cent.

“Kieran and myself are highly motivated to see the next eight weeks through to the end without any cheats.

“The fact we are almost at the halfway mark for our overall target donation will keep us on track to successfully complete the challenge ahead.”

The challenge will end on April 6. To donate, visit the pair’s Just Giving website on