No reason to fear mutant super rats

A common rat
A common rat

A WIGAN rat expert has played down fears a new breed of super-rodents, some of which grow to the size of cats, could be in the borough.

Fears have been raised after the rodents, which are immune to regular poisons, have now been spotted in the region.

But despite the claims, expert Elliot Lowe of Swinley-based Cavalry Pest Solutions say residents have nothing to worry about.

He said: “I see a lot of rats but I’ve yet to see one the size of a cat and there is little scientific evidence to support these claims.

“There is some evidence for rats being larger when they are given ecological space. So theoretically rats shouldn’t be any larger than normal if you consider urban development and human population growth.”

Some experts claim that rats are becoming so large and immune to poison that experts say they may have to apply to the Health and Safety Executive for permission to use stronger toxins.

And it has been said recent flooding may have increased rat populations as they were driven out of sewers and into homes. But Mr Lowe added: “I think it’s misleading to suggest that some rodenticides are no longer effective. Of course, there is resistance to a couple but these are still effective in many cases.

“And there is no known resistance to a number of other rodenticides. Flooding may force rats to move to dryer areas and this often leads to an increase in reported infestations.”