Noisy neighbours force couple out of their own home

The scene of the dispute
The scene of the dispute

A NIGHTMARE neighbour’s repeated all-night partying drove the couple living in the flat next door to move away, a court has heard.

June Saunders was playing loud music night after night in breach of an anti-social behaviour order – and a judge was told it was the seventh or eighth time she had breached such an order in various ways.

Gerald Jones, prosecuting, said that when ambulance driver Susan Jackson and her partner Lana McCabe arrived at their home in Westminster Street, Newtown, Wigan, on the evening of October 3 the music from next door was so loud they could not hear their television or sleep properly.

The music went on until 7am and the same thing happened the next two nights before the couple finally contacted the police. Miss Jackson was worried about her ability to carry out her work duties properly because she was so tired.

She said that the noise nuisance had been going on for a long time, leaving her exhausted, and when she approached Saunders about it she did not get a friendly reception.

Mr Jones said that the couple felt forced moved from the flat and now live in a more expensive property in the same street.

Liverpool Crown Court heard that the most recent ASBO had been imposed by magistrates in June last year for five years. Her previous anti-social behaviour included turning up when drunk at hospitals and making unnecessary 999 calls.

Isobel Thomas, defending, said that Saunders, who pleaded guilty to three offences of breaching an ASBO, has spent the equivalent of more than six months in custody on remand and is determined to stay away from alcohol and take help from the probation service.

Judge David Aubrey, QC, told 40-year-old Saunders: “There is no doubt that you have a number of issues including learning disabilities, alcohol misuse and some mental health issues.

“There is no doubt also that you face and continue to be a thorough nuisance to a number of people as you were to the victims in this case in early October last year. By playing loud music, by loud singing you created a living nightmare to your neighbours.”

He told Saunders he was deferring sentence on her for six months, until July 17 and warned her that if she got into trouble in the meantime she would go to jail.

“If there is a hint other than you led a law abiding peaceful existence you are going to prison for a considerable length of time,” he said.