OAP ‘besieged’ by new homes

Frances Belshaw pictured outside the Gerard Centre
Frances Belshaw pictured outside the Gerard Centre

A PENSIONER says she cannot cope with any more houses near her Wigan home after plans were submitted for TWO more property developments.

Frances Belshaw, of Kimberley Place, Ashton, said she would be “boxed in” with houses and is already experiencing heavy traffic problems, feeling unsafe crossing the road.

This comes as Stuart Baldwin of Landgate Farm, in Bryn, submitted an application to Wigan Council’s planning department to build nine houses in open land off Princess Street, behind Mrs Belshaw’s home.

Meanwhile, Incartus Developments Ltd, based at Armoury Bank in Ashton, has applied for permission to erect 30 dwellings at the Former Gas Depot in nearby York Road,

But the 82-year-old said she has not been sent any consultation letters.

She said: “I am disgusted at such plans.

“I am annoyed that I haven’t been consulted, as I live quite near to these developments.

“I live in a bungalow in the corner and if these houses are built in Princess Road, I would feel boxed in.

“There is no way we can cope with more houses and more traffic.

“I live at the other side of the Gerard Centre.

“When people come out of the car park they should not go down the hill, as it is one way up the hill, but they go the wrong way.

“It is a wonder nobody has been killed.

“Too many cars come through Princess Road from Warrington Road as it is and there is no crossing and many pensioners live near here.

“I am also disgusted at the state the old gas works has been left in - there is all kinds on there - cranes, bricks, cement - it looks like an eye sore.

“It is time something was done about it - but I don’t want more houses on there.”

A spokesman for Wigan Council said that as the old gas works site is privately owned, any fly-tipping or queries about the land is the responsibility of the landowner.

It was also pointed out that as the two planning developments were more than 300m from the address, residents would not be notified directly in this case.

Mike Worden, assistant director planning and transport at the council, said: “We have received a planning application to build homes on the old gas works site.

“We have consulted on it and are considering the responses before we make a decision.

“The highways officers have not raised concerns about the impact of additional traffic from the proposal but they will be responding directly to the resident with regard to matters that she has raised with traffic issues generally in the town centre.”

Consultation has ended for the plan for 30 houses in York Road, but was still open for the nine dwellings in Princess Road until today.