OAP fleeced by addict who promised sex

Wigan and Leigh Magistrates Court
Wigan and Leigh Magistrates Court

A WOMAN offered a pensioner sex in return for £20 before stealing his cash card, a court heard.

Sharon O’Reilly, 31, approached her victim at a bus stop in Platt Bridge at about 5pm on July 1 before suggesting she sleep with the man for £20, Wigan and Leigh magistrates heard.

He accepted and went to a cash machine where he withdrew £20 before they went to an off-licence together to buy alcohol.

O’Reilly, of Scholes, Scholes, went back to his house but left soon after when she received a phone call. The next day, the victim realised that his cash card and some money had gone from his jacket pocket and as he lived alone and had had no other visitors, he realised it must have been the woman. He found a Post Office card that he thought must belong to her and phoned police who later arrested O’Reilly.

Prosecuting, Katie Beattie said: “The victim had just come out of the pub and was, by his own admission, a little bit tipsy. They went back to his together and sat for a while. When he asked if they were going to have sex she said ‘later.’ She then got a phone call and said she had to leave but would be back tomorrow. She never returned and the next day the victim noticed his cash card and about £33 in cash had been taken.”

A pre-sentence report said O’Reilly uses around £20 worth of heroin a day. She said she had approached the man for bus fare, which she admitted was to spend on drugs, and he agreed but said he needed to go the cash machine. She said she watched him enter his pin and when he suggested she come back to his, she went with the intention of stealing the card. As well as withdrawing between £400 and £500 from the victim, O’Reilly also made several failed attempts to withdraw more cash but bought drugs with what she had successfully withdrawn.

O’Reilly admitted to charges of theft, not answering police bail and breaching a conditional discharge and was given a four-month jail term suspended for 12 months. She was also given a community order and ordered to pay £180 court charges, £100 prosecution costs and £413 compensation to the victim.