OAP’s anger at bill for ‘no work’

Patrick Schofield
Patrick Schofield
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A FURIOUS pensioner is in dispute with a company which he says left him more than £70 out of pocket despite its engineer needing to do no work.

Patrick Schofield, from Shevington, rang up Ace Trades on Monday, January 4 and asked for assistance after the shower at his home developed a leak.

The 85-year-old was able to fix the problem himself and claims the engineer did not need to carry out any repair work when he arrived at his address in Braidhaven that afternoon.

He was therefore stunned to then receive an email invoicing him for £136.80, and although the company has since agreed to waive £60 of this charge says he still feels aggrieved and ripped off.

Mr Schofield said: “I managed to fix the leak myself before he came so he just looked at the work and said it was fine, I had done what he would have done.

“Within an hour of him going I was sent an invoice by email, I couldn’t believe it.

“They’ve since credited me £60 but that still leaves £76 basically for nothing. I think it’s outrageous.

“I’m a pensioner and they usually back down but I’m not like that. I’m an ex-director of a big company and I would not treat my customers like that.

“I’m 85 but that doesn’t mean I’m stupid and I will pursue this.”

Mr Schofield says he has spoken to Citizens Advice and is trying to find an address for Ace Trades to take the matter to Trading Standards.

However, there are disagreements over the details of the case, with Mr Schofield saying the engineer was only at his house for around 10 minutes but the company stating the visit lasted 45 minutes.

Mr Schofield also claims the firm’s advertising material said there would be no call-out charge and no fee if there was no work to do, but the business strongly denied any wrongdoing over the amount it had charged him.

Ace Trades confirmed it had refunded Mr Schofield £60 but said it charged him the correct amount for the length of visit.

The company also said Mr Schofield agreed the price over the phone and all its calls are recorded.