OAP’s parking fine anger

Parking confusion on Orchard Street near Wigan Little Theatre
Parking confusion on Orchard Street near Wigan Little Theatre

A FURIOUS elderly cancer sufferer is to fight a fine he was given for supposedly parking just inches too far over a bay.

Ronald Ollerton of Whitley was hit with a £35 charge after being accused of parking illegally on Orchard Street, behind Wigan Little Theatre.

However, the 70-year-old insists there was nothing there to indicate that he couldn’t leave his car.

He said: “I feel like I parked responsibly but it just makes you really angry and I cannot understand at all why I received the ticket.

“I’m 70 and have never before received a parking ticket in my entire life – not even for speeding.

“But I’m just annoyed at the principle. If I thought I had done something wrong I would definitely hold my hands up but I haven’t parked wrongly.

“There was absolutely no signage at all or anything to indicate that I couldn’t park there. I wasn’t on double yellow lines and it was also a designated parking space.

“The only reason which was given was that I was just a couple of inches to far forward, but I couldn’t have gone any more far back as this would have resulted in my wheels being on the curb.

The incident happened on the morning of Saturday September 13.

Mr Ollerton said that he has parked in the street on a number of occasions without any problems.

He added “I had also previously parked there on the Friday beforehand for four hours and it wasn’t a problem so I don’t understand why it was any different on a Saturday.

“There needs to be a sign put up or something to make this clear as I also spoke to another lady walking past who was very upset as the exact same thing had happened to hers just weeks before.

“I walked in front of the car and all around it to try and find my mistake and I just could not understand.

“The main thing is that people don’t know they’re parking wrong and if this is the case and they are then something needs to be done about it.”

But following the complaint from Mr Ollerton the Council has agreed to investigate the matter further.

Emma Barton, assistant director for economic development, said: “We’re going to look again at this case and contact the gentleman involved. We’re also going to check parking restrictions in the area and see if the visual displays there are as clear as they should be.”