OAP terrified to leave home after attacks

Pensioner Vincent Moore at his home in Atherton Road, Hindley Green
Pensioner Vincent Moore at his home in Atherton Road, Hindley Green

A WIGAN pensioner says he has been left terrified to leave his own home after being targeted by callous vandals.

Vincent Moore, 74, says he is living in fear after discovering vandals had slashed his tyres on his new mobility car and scratched it from front to back.

The retired coal miner has also had his garden ornaments stolen and last year, his garden gate mysteriously went missing.

Mr Moore, who also served three years in the Royal Artillery as a young man, wants to warn other people in Wigan about the dangerous society local pensioners face.

He said: “I have never felt so low. We had an awful New Year with a boiler leak and no heating and now all this has happened on top of it.

“It’s getting too much for me and my family to take.

“We don’t understand why these yobbos are targeting us like this, we just keep ourselves to ourselves and we want these people to leave us alone.

“Is this the society we now live in, young people terrorising pensioners?

“And I do think it is young people that are doing this, people that hang around on the streets and there are a lot of them around here.

“I don’t think there is anything for them to do here in Hindley Green, so they go around creating problems like this.”

Mr Moore received his new mobility car at the beginning of December.

After surviving an accident at Bickershaw Colliery in 1986 when he was run over by a runaway coal truck, the pensioner from Atherton Road, Hindley Green has had trouble walking because of sore knees and ankles.

He added: “I feel like the responsibility for incidents like this lies with the parents of these people.

“I would never have acted that way when I was young.

“I was taught respect by my parents and from when I was in the army.

“Young people don’t seem to have any respect for the elderly these days.”

A spokesman for Greater Manchester Police confirmed that Mr Moore had contacted the police about the criminal damage to his car.

Inquiries into the incident are ongoing.