Toddler is caught on camera having a spot of difficulty with the word ' goldfish'

This hilarious video shows an adorable two-year-old girl repeatedly trying to say 'goldfish' but instead pronouncing it 'gold SH*T'.

Michael Parkinson with Judi Dench on his show in 2004

Parky: Men feel under threat for the merest indication they might be flirting

Sir Michael Parkinson has said men feel "under threat" over the "merest" sign that they could be flirting.

A petition received more than 4,800 supporters.

Bell End saved after residents petition to keep street's historic name

A street called Bell End is to keep its name after thousands of people signed a petition to save it.

Fortnite Battle Royale

Fortnite Battle Royale - Why a computer game has turned into an obsession for Lancashire kids

Are you a parent whose child has been glued to their computer screen for hours on end?


DID YOU KNOW? Today is Winston Churchill Day

On April 9th in 1963, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill became the second person to become an Honorary Citizen of the United States.


Price hikes listed: All the prices & charges being increased from April

While wages can often be sat at the same level for years on end, sadly the same can't be said about prices and charges.
In a video published by The Sun, the co-pilot can be seen completing paperwork with a virtual owl dancing on the screen beside him.

Easyjet says passengers not at risk as pilots 'played with Snapchat at 30,000 ft'

EasyJet has said footage of two of its pilots playing a Snapchat game while flying a plane full of passengers "falls short" of its standards but insisted the safety of travellers was not compromised.
Does losing an hours sleep leave you wiped out?

Top tips on how to survive the clock going forward

With the clocks going forward on 25 March 2018, The Sleep Council is offering advice on how to survive the ‘lost hour'.

The exciting scheme, could give thousands of British 18-year-olds the chance to travel around Europe for free PIC: EURAIL

Free Interrail passes planned for thousands of 18-year-olds

An exciting scheme, which could give thousands of British 18-year-olds the chance to travel around Europe for free, has been announced by the EU.

Would you consider being intimate with a robot?

One in three people in the UK would become intimate with a robot

Whilst going on a date with a humanoid robot doesn’t sound as appealing as it may have done two years ago, a new study has found that one in three would contemplate having sexual relations with one, with seven out of 10 admitting they wouldn’t consider it cheating if they or their partner did.
Disneyland Paris has announced it is holding open auditions in the UK to recruit its new character, dancing and parade stars.

Calling all Elsa's and Spidermen: Audition dates announced for Disneyland Paris

Have you ever dreamed of becoming a Disney princess or a real life Marvel superhero? Here's your chance.
Spring is in the air

When do the clocks go forward in 2018?

The light nights are coming - and hopefully they’ll bring some warmer weather with them.


Mother's Day printables to make mum's day extra special

From breakfast orders to greeting cards, find your Mother's day printables here.
A close up of a Time's Up tattoo on Emma Watson as she arrived at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party held in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, USA.  Photo credit: PA Wire

Emma Watson debuts huge Time's Up Tattoo - complete with error

Emma Watson has shown off her new Time's Up tattoo - complete with grammatical error.


WATCH: Where to do go-karting in Lancashire

Go-karting is a fun and adrenalin-fuelled activity to enjoy in groups.
Coming to a Corsa near you

The new must-have car accessory comes in Queen or Pope

Ever get lonely on long car rides?
Are you a 'model citizen'?

Are you as kind as you think you are?

NINE in ten Brits would describe themselves as "kind" - yet a third would never give cash to a stranger in need, one in twenty do not bother to hold doors open for people - and as many as one in five admit they never pay people compliments.

Peter Rabbit is the first of the 50p pieces to go sale on Monday

Peter Rabbit among Beatrix Potter characters to star on new coins

In Beatrix Potter's much-loved Tale Of The Flopsy Bunnies, Mr McGregor - the ever-menacing anti-hero - announces he will make quick cash by selling a sack of his floppy-earred neighbours.


Old romantic: Meet the Yorkshireman who has sent the same Valentine's card to his wife for the last 39 years

A devoted husband is celebrating St Valentine's Day by sending his beloved wife the same card he has posted to her - for the last 39 YEARS.
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