Officer is bitten to hide drug

Crime story
Crime story
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A WIGAN man bit a police officer as he swallowed a wrap of cocaine to hide the illicit substance.

Christopher David Miller, of Greenhey, Orrell admitted two counts of assault when he appeared at Wigan Magistrates’ Court.

Katie Beattie, prosecuting, said that in the early hours of April 19, the 30-year-old was arrested for assaulting Andrea Baker, following an altercation. Whilst in custody, officers saw him put a wrap of cling film in his mouth and as an officer tried to grab it, he bit him.

Mrs Beattie said: “Miller pushed the officer away, and he tried to take hold of it, he felt a sharp pain between his thumb and forefinger on his left hand and he noticed teeth marks.

“Miller later admitted he realised he had a wrap of cocaine and tried to swallow it.”

She added that prior to his arrest he was in Bell Lane, Orrell, arguing with his girlfriend and passersby - including Ms Baker - invited the woman to walk back with them.

Miller followed them to Silverdale Road and shouted abuse. As she phoned the police, Miller pushed her in the chest.

Mrs Beattie said: “The victim said she did not receive any injuries but she felt intimidated.

“She did not want him to know where she lived.”

Miller, who had been drinking for his birthday, was arrested and became abusive, kicking the police van door.

Ged Frazer, defending, said the assault on the woman was minor and that he bit the police officer when swallowing the cocaine. He said: “He recklessly bit down on the officer, but he did not break the skin. It was not something he was proud of.”

He added Miller had substance misuse and mental health issues.

He was given a 12-month community order, a four-month curfew and ordered to go on a drug rehabilitation programme. He has to pay £50 and £75 compensation to Ms Baker and the police officer respectively, plus £85 court costs and £60 victim surcharge.