One and two make a safer Severn

General view of Severn Drive, Norley Hall, Wigan -  part of the road is one-way as a proposal suggests to make the whole road two-way for traffic
General view of Severn Drive, Norley Hall, Wigan - part of the road is one-way as a proposal suggests to make the whole road two-way for traffic
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A ONE-way street in Wigan which is often ignored, with cars coming in both directions, could be made two-way to prevent a potential head-on smash.

Couns Paul and Jeanette Prescott have become increasingly concerned about a blind bend on Severn Drive, Norley Hall, as drivers flout the rules, creating fears of a collision.

The pair have met with the council’s highways team to discuss new traffic regulations and are considering removing the one-way restriction.

Coun Paul Precott said: “We have had problems with Severn Drive for a while.

“It is a one-way stretch until it comes to Trent Road, as it allows traffic to a certain point.

“Although there are signs, people ignore the fact it is one-way and drive in both directions on the blind bend,

“It is a danger. If you are driving along the blind bend and you believe it is one-way, another driver could ignore the ‘no entry’ sign and there is potential for a head-on collision.

“There has been a number of near misses which have been brought to our attention.

“The route is also used as the school run, as St Cuthbert’s Primary School is nearby.

“One option is to make Severn Drive two-way, instead of three-quarters one-way and the rest both directions.

“That will have to go to consultation with the Traffic Management Unit, which will take between five to six weeks, as the existing one-way order needs to be lifted for another to be issued.

“It is frustrating that people are ignoring the signs. Police resources are low so they can not regularly monitor it. We just have to rely on driver common sense.

“It seems to prevent accidents we need to ensure traffic is coming in both directions and people are expecting it.”

Meanwhile, the Labour councillors have also been working on extra safety measures in Eccles Road, at the junction of Prescott Lane, in Kitt Green.

There had been several reports of drivers losing control on the bend, with accusations of speeding.

Speed activated signs were installed two years ago, but Coun Prescott said the fast driving was not the issue. Instead, it was people not paying attention to the bend and hatched road markings will be painted to help drivers stay within road markings.

He said: “People are not really speeding. The problem is when there is bad weather, people are not paying attention to the bend in the road and lose control.

“So we are going to have clear hatched road markings on the bend so people stay within the lines. We wnated a pedestrian island to slow traffic down, but that is not feasible.

“I am pleased that the council is responding positively to our concerns.”