One Direction misery for young sisters

Sam Doran with her daughters Lydia, 15, and Ella, 11, and mum Judith Cunliffe
Sam Doran with her daughters Lydia, 15, and Ella, 11, and mum Judith Cunliffe
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WHEN a Wigan mum bought surprise tickets to watch pop sensations One Direction on eBay, she could never have imagined the nightmare about to unfold.

Not only did the four tickets, costing more than £300, never arrive - leaving her two daughters heartbroken - Sam Doran lost all of her money too.

Sam said that the present was to be a Christmas gift for daughters Lydia, 15 and Ella, 11, from grandparents Judith and Fred Cunliffe.

She said: “The girls cried when I told them that there were no tickets and that I was really sorry but they wouldn’t be going to see One Direction after all.

“I’m so angry and very upset that this can happen, the worst part of this is that when I checked the seller’s feedback section again and they have sold the very same tickets that I bought to two other buyers - unbelievable!

“So we have two very disappointed children that now won’t be seeing One Direction and grandma and grandad are £306 out of pocket.”

Furious, Sam, from Lowton, appealed to the shopping site but to no avail.

She was told that the seller did not have the tickets in hand but as soon as they were received from the promoter they would be posted immediately.

She added: “The seller had an exemplary selling record so I trusted them.

“I paid via a secure online banking method so I knew I would be covered if anything happened - how wrong could I be!

“On January 25 I received a despatched email from eBay to say that my tickets would arrive next day recorded delivery but they never came.

“So I emailed the seller to ask for the tracking number but I got no reply.

“Then I contacted the site and my online banking to let them know that I had a problem with my purchase but I received emails back from both of them to say that there was nothing they could do because it was out of the 45 days they give for you to contact them if you have a problem with your purchase. I was told that I needed to have reported my problem before January 12.

“I could not possibly have contacted them any sooner because the tickets had not been released by the promoter.”