one last kick for soccer ace tim

FOOTBALL protege Tim Lees is organising a charity event before he sets off for an American soccer team.

Tim, of Harvey Lane in Golborne, has joined up with staff at Derian House Children’s Hospice in Chorley to stage a football youth event before he travels to Maryland as part of a university sports scholarship.

Boys and girls will get the chance to have a go at the crossbar challenge and many of the other challenges that Tim took on with the likes of Ronaldinho and David Beckham when he participated in the Pepsi Max World Challenge event last year.

Tim, 21, said: “After looking at the work that all the staff do for the kids I really wanted to do something for the hospice.

“This event gives me a chance to give something back and hopefully it will be a lot of fun.

“Kids will get the chance to have a go at different ball skills and challenges including a crossbar challenge, chipping a football into a bucket from distance and a penalty shoot-out.”

Tim recently signed on the dotted line for a team in Maryland.

As well as studying a three year degree in Sports Management and Psychology, he will be playing in front of thousands of US soccer fans each week as part of his stateside scholarship.

Tim said: “It’s going to be incredible going over there. Hopefully I’ll be able to impress the coaches and crowds.

“Who knows? I many even be scouted by a US soccer team and end up playing against David Beckham in the MLS.”

The charity football event at Derian House, in Chancery Road in Chorley, takes place today from 10am-4pm.