One in three Wigan drivers shames bad parkers by leaving notes on their cars

One in three Wigan drivers shames bad parkers by leaving notes on their cars, research reveals.

Monday, 11th November 2019, 11:09 am
Would you leave a note?

We’re a nation known for being reserved - and when it comes to bad parking we’re no different.

Despite shying away from public confrontation we aren’t backwards in coming forwards when it comes to note writing.

A survey commissioned discovered a range of tactics we use to reserve a parking space including waiting for a space to become available and then quickly moving their car, parking too close to a car, or blocking their own drive to make a point, badly parking their own car, warning their neighbours not to take their “spot”, putting chains across and even “yelling at my neighbour not to park there”.

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However the data shows young people in Wigan are more likely to shame on social media - with one in four 17-24 year olds admitting they have posted pictures online after spotting a parking fail. Whereas just one per cent of over 55-year-olds saying they would post pictures online.

Whilst just one in six of the over 55s admit to parking illegally at some point in their lives - a third of 16 to 24-year-olds admit they have been forced into parking on double yellow lines on occasion.

Mat Moakes, CEO of heycar, said: “Getting straight to the point has never been a strength of British people - we’re just too reserved as a nation to be comfortable with face to face confrontations - and that’s exactly what we’ve found in our research

“We all want the easiest life, whether it’s choosing your perfect car or finding a spot to park it in.”

Last week it emerged 50 vehicles were removed from residential streets in Manchester following a crackdown on holidaymakers’ cars parked near the city’s airport - amid reports cars that had been left have been vandalised by residents.

While residents complained of intimidating holidaymakers, several posts emerged showing they had steered clear of a simple note - and gone to the extreme of painting comments on cars.