CHARLES GRAHAM - A fresh look at history

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THE documentary which this week confirmed that a skeleton found under a Leicester car park is one of England’s most infamous monarchs was the most compelling hours of television I have seen in a long time.

Despite the laughable histrionics of the Richard III Society lady as she viewed the 500-year-old bones, it was wonderful to see such an important piece of historical verification unfolding before our eyes.

There is always a sneaking suspicion that the long years may have distorted some of the details from our distant past.

So to find that Richard was indeed a hunchback and suffered the critical injuries that were documented soon after his death came as quite a reassurance to this erstwhile history student.

Mind you, we are none the wiser as to whether Richard did order the murder/disappearance of the princes in the tower in order seize the throne.

But we can’t solve all of our heritage’s mysteries in one hour, can we?