CHARLES GRAHAM - A happy anniversary

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THIS Saturday marks a little landmark in Wigan’s love of great comedians.

For the 20th year in a row, Sons of the Desert will descend on the borough – this time Bryn Masonic Hall – for the annual Laurel and HarDay.

I don’t think when it started at Poolstock’s Beer Engine in 1993 that any of us imagined it would still be going strong two decades later.

After all, for events to happen like this requires considerable work and commitment from one or more people. But a shared love of the world’s greatest ever double act has kept it going strong.

I don’t suppose the slight local connections have much of a bearing (a young Stan Laurel performed at the old Hippodrome and in 1947 both appeared at Poolstock greyhound track). It’s just that their comedy is rare in being completely timeless while appealing in equal measure to young and old. Having attended the majority of the Laurel and HarDays, I can strongly recommend them. But for goodness’s sake don’t think you shouldn’t go because you aren’t a Stan and Ollie expert. It’s open to all.

Curious? Fancy a good laugh?

There are plenty worse ways of spending just £5 on a whole day’s entertainment. The fun starts at 1pm at the hall in Bryn Road if you’re interested.