CHARLES GRAHAM - A romantic proposal

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IF they were to dish out awards for Wigan’s most romantic partner, Andy Smith would now take some beating.

This is the inspired young man who, while his girlfriend Katie was away from their new-born daughter for the first time, switched the baby’s clothes for an outfit which asked “Will you marry my daddy?”

I’m not saying midwives are hard-bitten but the experienced ones must have seen hundreds of births to the point of developing some kind of immunity to the everyday occurrence of birth.

But this novel twist had them all weeping buckets on Wigan Infirmary’s maternity ward. Especially as a stunned and delighted Katie accepted the proposal.

At just a few hours old, 9lb 3oz Poppy Louise Smith-Devine must go down as the youngest marriage broker in history.

Full marks for originality and forward-planning young man! It makes my occasional bunches of flowers for the missus look rather feeble.