CHARLES GRAHAM: A truly happy ending

I don't think I have ever seen a happier photograph in the Wigan Evening Post than the one adorning Monday's front page.

It was of little Nadia Fawzi, reunited with her mum Sarah Taylor and back home in Britain for the first time in almost three years.

The story behind those two delighted faces covers almost three years of torment, despair and diplomatic manoeuvrings at the very highest level after the tot was abducted from her Hindley home and taken to Libya by her father.

Courts in both Britain and the north African republic had ruled in Mrs Taylor's favour, but neither judgement had precipitated Nadia's return.

Great credit must therefore go to senior politicians – including Leigh MP Andy Burnham and Prime Minister Gordon Brown – for their interventions and the work of British embassy staff in Tripoli who finally tracked the six-year-old down.

But above all this has been a tale of a mother's love and determination.

Sarah gave up virtually everything to go out to Libya and live there in a bid to get her daughter back. That a rare, happy ending has been achieved is a testament to her more than anyone.

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