CHARLES GRAHAM - Alice was inspiration to us all

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THE lovely Cumbrian town of Ulverston already has one well-known hero to whom a statue has been erected: comedy genius Stan Laurel.

I would venture that it should now put up another one to an inspirational figure of a very different kind, although I suspect the late Alice Pyne would rather the folk did something more useful.

The teenager’s bravery, charitable deeds and famous bucket list that she managed to complete before succumbing to Hodgkins lymphoma, reduced me to tears at last year’s Pride of Britain awards on the telly.

And I am sure I wasn’t alone in shedding more this week on learning that the illness had finally claimed her.

Her family should be very proud of their girl and I am sure the 17-year-old’s memory will live on positively in many people’s hearts for a very long time.