CHARLES GRAHAM - Attention foster parents! Watch who you vote for

WHAT on earth was Rotherham Council thinking when it decided to take a couple’s foster children away from them after discovering they voted for the UK Independence Party?

As far as I know, UKIP is a perfectly legitimate, mainstream, un-banned organisation, mainly made up of disenchanted Tories whose views about qutting the EU and tighter immigration controls chime with a large section of the population.

The council’s default position appears to have been that the unnamed couple, because of their ties with this party, must therefore be racists and that the Eastern European children they had been caring for in recent weeks were somehow in peril.

Yet surely if these people were racists they would have refused to take the children in the first place – not welcome them into their home, made efforts to learn their mother tongue and so engage with them that the youngsters were starting to call them Mummy and Daddy?

No wonder, in an interview this week, the foster mum – a nurse in her 50s – said she and her husband felt slandered and humiliated.

A recurrent story in our papers over the years is one reporting a shortage of foster parents.

Adopting discriminatory policies, like Rotherham has, will on serve to keep the waiting lists long and more youngsters to suffer without a family home to go to.