CHARLES GRAHAM - Baring all isn’t a wizard idea

I SEE Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe is stripping off again.

This time it’s a film about Jewish poet Allen Ginsburg and I am sure it will be very tastefully done.

But it is becoming a bit of a habit for the young actor, having previously trodden the boards in the altogether while starring in the controversial play Equus.

This naturist urge on this accomplished thesp’s part makes me wonder whether it’s something to do with the juvenile role for which he is likely to be identified (lumbered) with for the rest of his life.

And it calls to mind another former child movie star who developed a similar predilection.

Jenny Agutter was so determined to shake off the prim and youthful Railway Children role that had made her famous that she seemed to insist on getting her kit off for every subsequent film for years thereafter, whether it be Logan’s Run or An American Werewolf in London.

Surely there are other ways of demonstrating you have matured.