CHARLES GRAHAM - Buffett gets stuck in

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AND so Wigan finds itself at the centre of the world’s biggest food company takeover.

Everyone seems to have been taken completely by surprise by Warren Buffett’s swooping on HJ Heinz.

And folk are bound to be nervous.

After all Buffett, who boasts one of the most revered business brains on the planet, didn’t get where he is today without making hard-nosed business decisions devoid of sentimentality.

The Kitt Green plant, we are told, is one of the costlier factories that Heinz runs due to the decent pay and conditions staff have continued to fight for over the years.

But it is also one of the biggest and best-run factories in Europe.

And Buffett has made his intentions clear that he wants to grow Heinz.

He certainly wouldn’t have splashed out £17bn on something he wants to dismantle.

Wigan staff deserve to be kept in the loop at every stage of this historic purchase and the sooner they receive assurances that their jobs and the borough’s largest employer are safe, the better.