CHARLES GRAHAM - By gum, what poor hygiene!

ONE in 20 men goes without brushing his teeth for up to four days, according to new research.

The guilty parties blame a hectic social life and/or the pressures of work for this conspicuous lack of oral cleanliness.

Crikey, these people must have busy existences if they don’t have time for a quick scrape round the mouth with the Colgate twice a day.

It certainly serves to strengthen the cause of those who call for the automatic introduction of fluoride into all of our water supplies.

That is something which Wigan - which has some of the worst dental care figures in the country - has long resisted on the grounds of not wanting to impose “mass medication” on everyone, especially as there remain a few concerns about side-effects.

But that notwithstanding, the onus really does lie with individual adults to care for their own teeth.

I’m no grooming obsessive, but looking after my choppers has always been a daily priority because I dread ever having to manage with dentures.

And I’m not sure I’d want to be working or partying with some foul-breathed tombstone-toothed stinker who has such a reckless attitude to personal hygiene.