CHARLES GRAHAM - Cigarette breaks get me fuming

SMOKERS will be thinking I’ve got a real downer on them after the recent rant against pregnant women fagging it and what it to follow.

And I guess I have. The fact that my dad died from tobacco addiction might have something to do with my evangelism.

The latest beef concerns research out the other day that shows that if you tot up the average smoker’s workplace cigarette breaks they come to five weeks a year.

That’s the same as most people’s annual holiday entitlement. Keeping adding up over a 40-year career and it means you have worked 800 weeks less than a non-smoker being paid the same wage who isn’t having these breaks. A monumental two years, two months and several days less work.

Smokers are also generally less healthy (and therefore more prone to absenteeism).

So you see the deadly weed is bad for business as well as the addicts’ health.