CHARLES GRAHAM - Crisis at the BBC

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IT has beaten itself up successfully several times in the past over a variety of crises.

But the BBC has entered new territory of self-punishment in the wake of Savilegate.

Heads are rolling right, left and centre as cancerous allegations of sex abuse by stars of yesteryear continue to spread and the corporation’s handling of positive/negative documentaries about the now-disgraced former DJ creates more questions than it answers.

The biggest professional casualty so far is former DG George Entwistle (left), who only lasted 54 days in the post. He was a product of the very bureaucracy that has been part of his downfall: communication breakdowns due either to management size or structure made him look as if he didn’t have a grip on the situation.

But at least he did the honorable thing and resigned. A book from which a number of dodgy politicians and bankers could take a leaf.