CHARLES GRAHAM - Cutting the Euro budget

OUR country’s leaders may not be practising what they preach at home when they claim “we are all in it together.”

But at least they have finally managed to get the European Union to realise it is a good policy to follow.

It is to David Cameron’s credit that he has managed to persuade enough of his foreign counterparts that the EU’s budget needs cutting for the first time in its history.

I find it astonishing that it has taken so long, given the straits Europe has been in of late, never mind the previous financial crises the continent has been through during the last half century.

With a reputation for profligacy and excessive red tape, the organisation looks like it could do with shedding a bit of weight.

Few would agree it could obliviously carry on spending more and more when everywhere else around the planet belts are being tightened, in some instances to crippling effect.

Even with relatively modest efficiency savings, the EU is finally entering the real world and should enhance its own credibility and reputation in the process.